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Pet Night

Bring your pet shopping – a free event and fun for all. March 7th from 6pm-9pm.

We know how important pets (fur babies) are to everyone and want to recognise that our animals are a part of the family too. So why not let them come shopping with you and meet other fury friends? 

We will have more dates running through the year.
Please Check each retailer’s windows for ‘Pet Welcome’ signs. 

Conditions of the event:
• Pets must be under the direct control of their owners, on a leash/harness or held securely in arms, a pet carrier etc.
• Pets must be socialised and used to other animals and crowds. No aggressive animals will be allowed on site.
• Customers should not pet another animal without permission from the owner.
• Owners are encouraged to toilet their animals before coming onsite and be prepared to clean up after them should they have an accident inside.
• Domestic pets only (no ponies, pigs etc).
• Pets can only be taken into stores displaying a special “Pets welcome” sign during the event.
• Owners would be expected to pay for any damage that their pets may cause. 

Dates: March 7th

Times: 6 -9 pm

Price: Free