Our Community


We cherish Aotearoa’s unique history and acknowledge the tangata whenua. From our large external toi Māori artworks and their accompanying stories on display in our Food Court, to ensuring at least 10% of our background music is in te reo Māori. The Hub is committed to nurturing this country’s indigenous history, art and culture.


The Hub Hornby wishes to provide a safe and welcoming environment for the whole community independent of race, religion, age, gender, gender identification or sexual orientation.


  • You are welcome here. We just ask that you be your best and happiest self. Wear a dress, wear a hat, love who you want, just be you and be happy.
  • Aotearoa has three official languages plus you will hear others in the Centre, deal with it
  • Everyone has their own history and story, learn yours and respect others’
  • Think you are better than someone else? Prove it and volunteer here: www.volcan.org.nz
  • We are not perfect and will not always get things right but we will own our mistakes and keep on trying!


Customers and staff will be treated with dignity and their privacy respected. It is expected that all those onsite will treat each other with dignity and in a manner reflecting the Centre’s community ideals.

Customers and staff may use the restroom that corresponds with their gender identity. As an alternative gender neutral, single occupancy and mobility accessible restrooms are also available for anyone to use.


The Hub Hornby is proud to support Dress for Success. There are several donation lockers around the Centre into which can be placed lightly loved clothing, footwear and accessories to help Dress for Success carry out their work providing women with clothing and styling in preparation for a return or entry into the workforce.

Toitū enviromark gold certified

As a shopping centre that is an important part of its community, The Hub Hornby has identified both direct opportunities to manage their impacts and a strong ability to influence others (ranging from retailers, to shoppers, and even to the wider public). We have watched with pride as the team at The Hub Hornby have positively engaged in numerous improvement projects. Examples include:

  • Environmental planning has been a core part of their post-quake repairs/refurbishments.
  • Procurement initiatives are well imbedded in their “way of doing things” (they have built consideration of environmental/eco-label options into all significant procurement projects).
  • Introduction of new cleaning systems which removed the need for toxic cleaning chemicals.
  • Reuse/recycling initiatives have been made available to mall tenants, far beyond simple packaging recycling (e.g., recycling of cooking oil waste and being a clothing collection point for Dress for Success).
  • Energy efficiency initiatives (including HVAC and lighting).
  • Introducing EV charging bays to benefit the local community as well as supporting the transition to fossil fuel free transport.