Celebrating Matariki

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Celebrating Matariki

Matariki takes place in mid-winter from late May to early July. It marks the appearance of the Matariki star cluster just before dawn. Traditionally the dates vary according to tribes and geography. This year we celebrate Matariki nationally on Friday 28 June with a public holiday.

Ways you can celebrate Maratiki: 

Traditionally, Matariki festivities included lighting ritual fires, making offerings and various celebrations to honour ancestors and celebrate life.

Nowadays, people all across Aotearoa come together to remember their ancestors, share kai (food), sing songs, tell stories and play music.

Matariki is about reconnecting with your home and whānau (family). 

Today there are many ways to acknowledge the Māori New Year and observe the rising of Matariki;

– Take time to remember loved ones who are no longer with you
– Give thanks for the year that has passed
– Enjoy a Matariki feast together
– Plan for the next year
– Spend time with family and friends
– Write down your wishes for the year 
– Plan to grow a garden