Cheeky Sparrow Café

Cheeky Sparrow Cafe is a local family owned business founded in 2009 from just a small coffee cart. At Cheeky we pride ourselves on making all our food on site, from our daily baked muffins and scones to our ever fresh and fully stocked cabinet goodies. Pair one of yummy scones with our amazing barista … Read more

Caroline Eve

Caroline Eve is a New Zealand owned women’s retail clothing store with a proud history serving New Zealand. Our fashion encompasses a diverse demographic of women, from the young thirty-something to the young at heart. We offer a full range of women’s wear, in the latest trends from around the world, tailored to suit the … Read more

Bras N Things

We support you to confidently be yourself, however you choose to do so. We want every woman to feel confident and comfortable to own who you are and to celebrate every version of you. No judgment. No labels. No limits. We are Australia’s leading fashion lingerie retailer with more than 200 stores across Australia, New … Read more


Acquisitions’ ever-changing range of hand-picked products makes browsing an absolute feast for the senses. Be prepared to over-indulge! In store you’ll find interesting gift ideas and desirable items for women, men, and children, as well as great products for your home that range from the useful to the totally sublime! Proudly New Zealand owned and … Read more


Fighting for fairness is 2degrees’ thing. It’s been their calling card since 2009 and with so many Kiwis still getting a raw deal, they intend to keep that fight going. When 2degrees launched they came out swinging, making calls cheaper and introducing Carryover Data – immediately making things fairer for Kiwis. Heaps of happy customers … Read more