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Hear Again are a fully independent, NZ family owned business who provide the very best in ear and hearing healthcare.  From a quick ear wax removal by micro suction procedure to the specialized fitting of the very latest hearing devices, you can be assured the friendly, professional team will take the very best care of you or your loved ones.  Hearing loss can occur suddenly, or over a period of many years; it can be very socially isolating and stops you from enjoying life.  The most common signs of this are the volume of the TV creeping up, frequently asking people to repeat themselves, or complaining that people are mumbling when they speak.  Overcoming this can be as simple as removing an ear blockage for you; or, if the hearing loss is more permanent in nature, the fitting of hearing aids can make a huge difference. 

Hear Again offer FREE Initial Hearing Checks and are open Monday to Saturday.

Phone: 974 1658

Monday - Saturday 9am - 5pm
Sunday Closed